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Vigeo and EIRIS, two established global environmental, social and governance (ESG) research agencies from France and the United Kingdom officially completed their merger on December 22nd, 2015. Originally announced in October 2015, the merger was approved by Vigeo’s General Assembly of Shareholders, which also approved the raising of 6.3 million Euros in new capital by Vigeo for the future development of the new entity.

The new agency benefits from a unique position in the global market through the geographic presence of both actors, their complementary expertise and their added value.

A new logo, symbolizing the merger, is revealed today. It has also been developed to differentiate between Vigeo Eiris’ two activities of rating and audit in order to allow its clients to clearly identify each activity’s businesses and services.

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Nicole Notat, President of Vigeo Eiris, stated that “We are entering the integration phase of our teams, methodologies and processes with a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence.”



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About  Vigeo Eiris

On December 15th, 2015, Vigeo’s Assembly of Shareholders endorsed the merger of these two established environmental, social and governance (ESG) research agencies from France and the United Kingdom, and the transaction was completed on December 22nd. Vigeo was founded in 2002 by Nicole Notat and EIRIS was created 32 years ago. Vigeo proceeded to raise 6.3 million euros of new capital to fund the EIRIS acquisition and to ensure that the new entity has the funds necessary for Vigeo Eiris’ future.

Vigeo Eiris will continue to offer two types of services through two business units:

-       Vigeo Eiris rating, utilizing its teams’ expertise and its unique and well-regarded methodologies, offers a large range of products and services designed for investors and asset managers engaged in sustainable and responsible investment practices. This research covers more than 4,000 issuers, including companies, regions and states and is used by more than 300 clients, partners, investors, asset managers, NGOs and international institutions.

-       Vigeo Eiris enterprise works with organizations of all sizes, from all sectors, public and private to support  them in the integration of ESG criteria into their business functions and strategic operations.

Vigeo and EIRIS services and methodologies adhere to the strictest quality standards and have been certified to the independent ARISTA® standard, the leading quality standard for research in responsible investment.

Vigeo Eiris is present in Paris, London, Boston, Brussels, Casablanca, Milan, Montreal and Santiago and has a team of 180.  The agency works also with partners in Canberra, Hannover, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Madrid, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Tokyo and Zaragoza.

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