EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings

EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings provide a detailed assessment of how well countries are addressing the various environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks they face.


Drawing on EIRIS over 30 years’ of research experience, EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings focus on those sustainability issues which can have the most impact on the long-term competiveness of a country’s economy.

Designed to help you understand and manage ESG risks, investors use EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings to apply the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, extend responsible investment approaches consistently across different asset classes, monitor ESG trends over time, or focus on specific sustainability themes.

EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings provide a default country rating, based on a broad range of carefully weighted ESG criteria, and expressed on a clear 10-point scale. The default weightings are fully flexible and can be adjusted according to your preferences, and/or to focus on specific ethical concerns. Default and recommended weightings that reflect UN Global Compact principles are also provided. Over 90 countries are covered, from Argentina to Australia and Italy to India.

EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings methodology

EIRIS’ experienced analysts monitor a broad range of reputable, comparable data sources ranging from national policy commitments under international conventions to global statistics on sustainability performance. These include equality indices, indicators on corruption and ratification of international conventions. EIRIS is careful to source data from reputable, internationally-recognised sources such as the United Nations, World Bank, Freedom House, Amnesty International and the International Energy Authority.

To avoid ‘rich country bias’, EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings can be normalised by investors according to each countries’ GDP. Unique to EIRIS, this feature identifies those countries which are more efficient in delivering a strong sustainability performance with limited resources and is particularly useful for those that wish to broaden their sovereign bond strategies beyond wealthier countries.

Features & benefits

  • Offers ratings and comprehensive analysis of each country’s management of ESG risks
  • Comparisons across whole country universe and income peer groups available
  • Provides ratings on over 90 countries and government bond issuers, including all OECD countries and key emerging markets
  • Service provided via online, interactive platform
  • Ability to use a unique ‘GDP Normalisation’ feature to identify genuine best practice and avoid ‘rich-country bias’
  • Results can be weighted, ranked and filtered to provide a customised rating
  • At least nine years of country sustainability trend data available
  • Screens can be applied on all ESG issues and additional indicators (the latter including death penalty, military spend etc.)
  • Analysis, ratings and screens can be exported. The ranking grid can be exported to Excel. The country profiles can be exported to a PDF.

For a sample Country Profile, and to discuss the weightings and rankings that might be relevant to you, please contact our Sales & Client Services Team.


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