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EIRIS’ products and services for fund managers and analysts support a wide range of responsible investment strategies. Our global extra-financial research is used by more than 200 clients around the world, from institutional investors to retail funds, from stock exchanges to private client brokers.

Our products and services help fund managers and analysts create enhanced portfolios, identify and manage risk, integrate environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) and support effective engagement with companies.

Developed with direct input from investors, our products are designed to be flexible and adaptable and can be easily tailored to provide a solution which matches your individual needs.

EIRIS Portfolio Manager (EPM)

EPM provides direct access to EIRIS’ global research universe of around 3,500 companies. Over 110 different environmental, social and governance areas researched, as well as other ethical considerations.

Investors around the world use EPM to develop and implement responsible investment policies, engage with companies, screen portfolios or select shares using preference or best-in-class approaches.

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EIRIS Global Platform (EGP)

An innovative and intuitive online platform providing direct access to sustainability data on companies and countries. Search by company, issue or sector; customise around your portfolio; score or rank the most material ESG risks and opportunities, and access layers of information from one-page summaries to details of specific indicators in approximately 100 ESG areas.

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EIRIS Portfolio Analysis

A service that enables investors to compare at-a-glance a listed portfolio against a chosen index benchmark, or other portfolio, on a broad range of ESG issues, and for potential breaches of international conventions.

EIRIS Global Sustainability Ratings

This flagship product uses our research to benchmark approximately 3,000 companies on a clear A-E scale. Designed to help you integrate ESG issues into your investment process. Scoring and peer-comparison is available at sector, regional or portfolio level and companies with material ESG risks are highlighted. Academic studies have found a clear correlation between EIRIS rankings and risk-adjusted returns.

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EIRIS Climate Change Toolkit

A detailed ‘three in one’ product that helps you to assess the carbon risk in your portfolio, or to design an investment strategy for a carbon-constrained economy. It identifies leading low-carbon companies in your portfolio or universe and provides an opportunity to engage with laggards to preserve long-term value.

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A full suite of products to help signatories to the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) to implement its first three Principles. Available to both asset owners and managers it provides solutions to improve your ESG integration, active ownership and reporting, and helps improve your performance against peer signatories.

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EIRIS Convention Watch

Highlights any companies in your portfolio facing allegations of breaching international conventions on human rights, labour standards, environmental standards, or bribery. An extensive range of global sources are checked in both developed and emerging markets.

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EIRIS Emerging Markets Service

This fast-growing service plugs into EIRIS’ global network of research partners to document material ESG risks and opportunities in around 300 companies across 30 emerging markets, including China. Investors can also rate, rank or screen 800 emerging market companies based on their compliance with global conventions.

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EIRIS Global Screening Service

A world-leading service that provides quality, cost-effective and easy-to-implement screening information. Our screens cover common ethical issue such as tobacco, arms or alcohol production, gambling and pornography, as well as firearms, high-cost lending and human embryology. The service offers a variety of screening thresholds, and coverage can be extended to 5,500 companies worldwide.

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EIRIS Global Voting Service

A ground-breaking bolt-on to existing voting practices, this service enables investors to vote on a company’s sustainability performance even when there is no specific resolution tabled. It uses EIRIS’ innovative ‘surrogate’ voting system which is widely applicable in developed markets and beyond and focuses on companies with the greatest exposure to environmental and social risks.

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EIRIS Global Engagement Service

This results-led service works with you to target the most appropriate companies for engagement, set your objectives, manage dialogue with those companies and monitor progress. Twice-annual reports highlight results and recommend next steps. A service for both new and experienced engagers, it helps investors to fulfill their commitments to stewardship and active ownership, and to measure effectiveness.

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EIRIS Country Sustainability Ratings

Designed for fixed income investors, this product provides ratings and analysis on the ESG performance of over 90 countries. It has almost ten years of historic data, and allows investors to rank countries by income group, customise the default EIRIS weightings and apply filters.

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EIRIS Global News Service

A wide-ranging service that tracks coverage of news items relating to the ESG performance of thousands of the world’s largest companies. If a company in your portfolio is reported to have infringed on a widely-held sustainability standard then you need to know, and the EIRIS Global News Service helps bring it to your attention.

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EIRIS Global Controversial Weapons Watch

A global leader that has screened approximately 14,500 companies worldwide for involvement in weapons deemed to have a disproportionate or indiscriminate impact (such as cluster bombs). Our exhaustive research covers the entire supply chain including those designing, manufacturing and maintaining controversial weapons. Can be used for screening, integration or engagement.

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EIRIS Conflict Risk Network

Our new Conflict Risk Network service helps investors to engage with companies active in Sudan in order to support peace and stability and to ensure corporate value is not damaged by activity in the country. The service assesses exposure and categorises the risk to each company in targeted sectors most associated with ongoing violence and abuses. Where rlevant it initiates a dialogue to improve policies and practices.

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