EIRIS Global Network

EIRIS has a global network of research and sales partners to further extend our research coverage and keep us abreast of responsible investment issues at the local level.

The EIRIS partner network includes organisations in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Spain and South Korea.


Australia – Research & Sales Partner


CAER was established in 2000, and offers responsible investment research services to investors on a broad range of environmental, social and governance criteria. CAER’s database covers the top 300 companies in Australia by market capitalisation, companies that move in and out of the ASX on a regular basis, smaller listed companies invested in by research clients, and the NZ50. CAER is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Canberra. Through its links with international research bodies, CAER is able to offer clients consistent ESG research coverage of investment markets in Australia and around the globe.


Spain – Sales Partner


Economistas sin Fronteras (EsF) is EIRIS’ sales partner in Spain, providing services to Spanish investors. EsF is a non governmental organisation founded in 1997. Its main objective is to contribute to changes in the economic and social structures, that create fairness and solidarity. It was a pioneer in implanting the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the end of the 1990s, and prompted the birth of the CSR Observatory. EsF considers Responsible Investment one of the key levers for the advancement of CSR in enterprises, and collaborates with investors who are sensitive in this respect. EsF is part of Spainsif (Forum for Socially Responsible Investment in Spain).


Mexico – Research & Sales Partner


Ecovalores is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to expanding responsible investment (RI) though research and outreach. It carries out environmental, social and corporate governance research of publicly listed companies, research and rating services for investors in non-listed companies and communication of RI and environmental economic topics. Formed from an interdisciplinary team, Ecovalores is a member of the UNGC and ICGN and also works closely with the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, la Universidad del Medio Ambiente, el Colegio de México, Sustainability UK, the Natural Step and the Caux Roundtable, amongst others.


Spain – Research Partner


An established Spanish non governmental organisation in the field of environment and development, EcoDes branched out into ethical investment research in 1997. The research function was originally established to supply data to an environmental fund set up by EcoDes, but has now expanded to provide data on Spanish companies to EIRIS and other research partners. EcoDes have matched their strong environmental research skills with an expansion into social and economic research.


Israel – Research & Sales Partner


Greeneye is the primary provider of independent research into the social, environmental and ethical performance of companies in Israel. Greeneye advises the financial sector on assimilating environmentally considerate thinking and incorporating environmental criteria into decision making on investment, finance and insurance issues. Greeneye is EIRIS’ research partner in Israel and is the environmental advisor to the Maala CSR Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Index.


Germany – Research & Sales Partner


imug was set up in 1992 primarily as an environmental research body. It soon branched out into producing ethical shopping guides for consumers, ethical investment research for green and ethical funds, and producing reports on corporate environmental and social performance for NGOs, government and others. imug is a limited company with private shareholders, with more than 35 employees provide both consultancy and ESG research. imug supplies EIRIS with data on German, Swiss and Austrian companies.


Korea – Sales Partner


KOCSR provides clients with non-financial information including governance, environmental and stakeholder analysis. KOCSR is established by an NGO, CSR research organization and a charitable foundation that are independent from stakeholders in the SRI market.


Brazil – Research & Sales Partner


SITAWI is a Brazil-based organisation working to advance social and environmental outcomes through finance and investing. SITAWI manages philanthropic funds for large donors, develops financial solutions to social enterprises and advises financial institutions and institutional investors on integrating ESG issues into strategy, risk management and investment analysis. With offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but operating across Latin America, SITAWI works with the region’s leading players in social and sustainable finance, and is piloting innovative concepts for the region such as Social Impact Bonds and Green Bonds.


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