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In May 2013, Conflict Risk Network became part of EIRIS. EIRIS Conflict Risk Network unites institutional investors, financial service providers and related stakeholders calling on corporate actors to fulfil their responsibility to respect human rights and to take steps that support peace and stability in areas affected by mass atrocities, genocide and other abuses. EIRIS Conflict Risk Network’s goal is to increase such behaviour by corporate actors and thereby reduce the risk of conflict.

Since 2009, Conflict Risk Network has been producing an authoritative report on corporations operating in targeted sectors in Sudan. EIRIS Conflict Risk Network acts as an intermediary between the business and investment communities, engaging companies operating in conflict affected countries. By coordinating and conducting engagement on behalf of a network of financial institutions, we harness the collective weight of trillions of dollars in assets when encouraging corporate behaviour that reduces conflict risk.

Sudan Company Report

EIRIS Conflict Risk Network provides investors with timely, reliable and focused information on corporations operating in Sudan. The Sudan Company Report includes authoritative research and effective corporate engagement. More information.

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